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Adapt. Do the work.
Become Your Awesome Self.

Helping non-tech professionals transition into coding and land their dream job.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

With the Right Knowledge, Great Things Can Happen


I hear that you are interested in getting into coding! That's is amazing as code literacy will open new doors to you, help you get a better job and feel more fulfilled.

What I Offer

I have been teaching programming to tech and non-tech people alike for 9 years.

From PhD students through lawyers to people with scientific background, I combine my 15+ years of programming knowledge to strip the craft into its bare bones and teach only what is vital and has practical applications in real life.


Start simple

We start with the basics and we build on top of them from there.

No assumptions on your prior knowledge are made. If something is necessary to progress forward, I teach it.

Practice makes perfect

There will be exercises, there will be hints, there will be homework.

To compliment all of that, the learning resources are made as downloadable cheat-sheet PDFs to keep for the future - just in case.

Learn for Success

This is not only about coding.

It is also about how you pass your interview, how you interact with your colleagues and plan your work. All in a complete bundle ready for learning.

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What Our Learners Say

"I underwent a tech interview that I would've normally canceled. I did not get to the end of the task, but I remembered the anecdote you shared, where you showed your thought process and got the job. I got an offer. Thank you!"

Barbara Casillas

"Thank you for sharing your insights and experience. I especially like the structured approach, with the "get it done", then "make it nice" and also the understand, plan and divide breakdown to get moving."
"I had no prior knowledge of the topic, but the course is well-structured, and Kat
gives all the basics at the beginning before going deeper."

Silvia Stoyanova


Get Ready to Stay Relevant

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