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  • You need help with getting better at interviewing candidates
    When you want to learn how to: 1. Create a pleasant interview environment 2. Leave candidates longing to receive a job offer from you 3. Select the interview questions wisely 4. Create structured interviews 5. Start the interview the right way - length, expectations, what is allowed and what is not 5. Interview without biases
  • You need help with interviewing tech people for your company
    When you are either: 1. Lost and do not have the skills to interview tech people yourself. 2. Have a huge backlog of tech candidates to interview 3. Providing hiring services for external companies and you lack enough capable interviewers to do the job
  • You need tech help and you do not know who to ask for help
    When you need a tech job to be completed, or something to get automated, and you do not know where to start from: 1. Book a meeting with me 2. We will finish with a concrete plan for your specific need 3. If I can help, I will complete the job for you 4. If I do not possess the skills, I will teach you how to search for a person who has them
  • You want me to work for free
    Instead, feel free to write one burning question you have for me. Send it to me, and I will try to write an answer back to you.
  • If the work environment you offer is crazy
    ... and leaves you and the rest of your colleagues feel: - tired - micromanaged - unaccomplished - guilty for not working more - unable to disconnect from work
  • You want me to look for projects for you
    ... and you want to offer me 10% - 20% of the revenue

Nah, I am fine ...

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