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The Rhythm of Light

Join a community of women who help bring other women more courage and  the feeling of self-worth

Help shape a fantasy story...


It is a story about adventure.

It is about traveling, exploring and using the knowledge we have collected throughout the years to fight off evil!

It is a story about a woman.

It is about women feeling that they are not enough in this world.

But we are. And we can do extraordinary things.


It is a story full of wonder

To do something different, we need to imagine something different.

And what best way to imagine new possibilities than by reading a book?

This is also a working manuscript.

If you would like to be one of the few select people to read it, give their feedback and ideas, and help the story take shape so more women are inspired to chase their dreams, it will be my honor to welcome you among us.

To do this, continue scrolling ...

HOURAY! You want to be one of the first beta readers of this manuscript.

Share your contacts

... and a copy of the manuscript will be sent to your inbox.

When you finish, we will have a feedback call to add your ideas to it.

Thanks for submitting!

Image by Matias North
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