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Tech Product Development

Want to build an app? And use AI to do it? And have unicorns flying around? That's great!

Is it feasible? How long will it take? Will it look like as you imagine it?

After a decade an a half of software development, I mastered simplicity. I can help you remove the noise and build something people want to use.

I can show you a structure to follow to ensure continuous delivery.

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Struggling to find the best tech lead for your small team? Don't know how to interview for the skill that you do not possess?

I have been on the hiring side of the recruitment process for 5 years now. I have hired design & tech people for both startups and multi-national companies such as one sourcing talent for Volkswagen.

This helped me build a simple process to follow to find the best fit.

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Sales and Marketing Automation

A lot of tech people struggle with these two. I was one of you in 2019.

Now, I have developed a proven process on how to get the most of CRMs and social media to attain a transparent and repeatable sales and marketing processes to boost tech revenue.

No more endless hours of choosing platforms and watching complicated tutorials which offer partial solutions that lead to nowhere.



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